Hello everyone. My name is Roy Lucier. I grew up in Orange County, CA, but now live in Folsom, CA. Most know me by my passion for the world of pro wrestling. I have one of the largest collection of pro wrestling tapes/DVD’s in the world. Whenever possible, I upload my collection on YouTube for the world to enjoy (I will not upload any videos such as WWE PPV’s, TV shows, New Japan stuff, Lucha Underground TV shows, etc.) I’ve been watching pro wrestling since 1981, and have been a hardcore fan since 1992. During that year, I learned which stations on my father’s satellite dish showed Lucha Libre (AAA, CMLL, UWA and more), and also learned which local video stores rented weekly TV shows from Japan. Thanks to the Reader’s Page in the Observer, I was able to become a well known tape trader during the 90’s. I have attended over 2000 events in my lifetime, and will use this page to share those photos and stories from those shows and much more.

THESE DVD’S ARE NOT FOR SALE. This list is for historical purposes only, which I am a huge believer in preserving history. Over time I will list (when possible) on this list, if there is a YouTube link for the videos that I have.

This will be an ongoing project. I will list all new DVD’s I got, and I will do my best to list matches on each DVD, and a YouTube link whenever possible. I will NOT share a YouTube link for anything that the WWE AND ALSO New Japan owns, for obvious reasons

My YouTube Channels

Roy Lucier All Japan Channel
Roy’s UWA Channel (Mexico)
Roy’s CMLL Channel
Roy’s AAA Lucha Libre Channel
Roy’s Houston Wrestling Channel
Roy’s Olympic Auditorium Channel
Roy’s WWWF Wrestling
Roy’s 5 Star Wrestling Channel
Roy’s Japanese Classics (non All Japan videos)
Roy’s Wrestling Territories and Indies
Roy’s All Japan Women Channel
Roy’s Dailymotion Channel

(More YouTube channels will be added over time and whenever I upload a new promotion. Due to the potential of a channel being shut down, I will always make a new channel whenever I upload from a new promotion)

(Please note on April 1st, the New Japan channel I created 5 years ago was removed from YouTube. It’s for this reason I don’t upload NJPW content)

(On April 29th, 2020, my main YouTube channel was removed. I am feverishly working on getting all videos put back up, just no New Japan)


Feel free to contact me via the following media formats (note, my inboxes are always open. If you’re blocked, please note I’m extremely anti-drama. Online bullying, name calling, etc., is a serious “turn off”. Especially after the suicide of Hana Kimura, please take a look at your own behavior and if you cause drama, name call, bully, etc., that’s why I got you blocked)

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