My YouTube Channels

Roy Lucier All Japan Channel
Roy’s UWA Channel (Mexico)
Roy’s CMLL Channel
Roy’s AAA Lucha Libre Channel
Roy’s Houston Wrestling Channel
Roy’s Olympic Auditorium Channel
Roy’s WWWF Wrestling
Roy’s 5 Star Wrestling Channel
Roy’s Wrestling Territories and Indies
Roy’s All Japan Women Channel
Japan Random Channel
Roy Lucier Japan Indies

(More YouTube channels will be added over time and whenever I upload a new promotion. Due to the potential of a channel being shut down, I will always make a new channel whenever I upload from a new promotion)

(Please note a couple years ago, the New Japan channel I created 5 years ago was removed from YouTube. It’s for this reason I don’t upload NJPW content)

(On April 29th, 2020, my main YouTube channel was removed. I am feverishly working on getting all videos put back up, just no New Japan on it. Thanks for understanding)

(In November 2021, YouTube took down my Japanese Classics channel, due to multiple strikes for uploading WAR and W*ING videos. I will work on a new channel down the line without those promotions)